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A perfect marriage, dealing with family relations is the key

Love happy ending is when two people get married, well, a happy family and the couple how to deal with it!

     married is no longer a two person thing, and it relates to both your family and your friends and relatives, so married out of family relations is very important, marriage with the situation is completely different, new workers do not despise. Original order of life will be broken, marriage is followed by a grace period, so during the new period, we want to deal with and adapt to family life after marriage.

     marriage as a daughter-in-law should carry out responsibilities, as her husband's parents to care for. But if you are not satisfied with the place, it is best to discuss it with her husband, then decide in what ways to deal with it. Newlyweds to live with their parents, more attention to relationships with family and domestic distribution, should be prepared in advance, father-in-law and mother-in-law saw your conduct will inevitably tell you, at this time, should be modest to accept never red eyes green Russian, or loud talking to elders.

     married Hou honeymoon continued three months, incoming of is helpless period, life basic began into normal track, you also has upgrade into wife, and daughter-in-law of grade, but failed to adapted this new life, for new life of some things was overwhelmed, find not to solution method; last is stable period, stable period of comes varies from person to, to this when you has habits other and other of family, began has belonging sense has.

     because both men and women had grown up family background is different, family education is not the same, their lifestyles are a bit out of tune, some of which may conflict with each other exclusion, to both sides in the married life will not be discovered. If some of you don't understand, you should communicate, never asked him to change at once, you know giving up habits take a long time and determination, cannot rely on just come.

     General marriage brings with it a new order of life, sharing of household chores and financial processing is not like love. Women for housework warmly points can be assigned his men easy to do housework, such as taking out the trash, washing dishes, and so on. Economy permits, either full-time or part-time Nanny is the best strategy, because they are often exhausted after work, married a long time, it is easy to blame, these will be quarrels between couples of immigrant families.

     family life after marriage, friction is inevitable, it is a common fact, because lives were easily distracted by people back home are reluctant to talk, thus leading to a lack of communication between each other. Makes no difference to know there's no family to communicate with dead, the terrible crisis there. So, want to have a perfect marriage, even if usually tired to take the time to communicate and understand each other's needs.

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