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Life tips to eat carrots to colds

Spring, cold, especially in the evening, the temperature decreased, frail man, prone to feeling cold all evil. In life properly and turnip water when tea, can prevent a cold.


     spring, Yang-Qi ascending. Xin Gan divergent nature of designed to eat some food, eat less food with sour and astringent effect, to increase the body Yang and blooming. Among the many seasonal fruits and vegetables, succulent white radish can aid digestion and prevent colds, cheap but effective early spring health "health food."

     spring carrots can prevent a cold

     radish has a high level of food and medicinal value, taste and cold raw food, cooked sweet and cool, lean stomach, along, is the most important function and digestion. Li Shizhen   compendium of Materia Medica expressly points out that radish "gas, consumer, get hot in the Valley and", the public and even "eat radish dish, what sickness can hurt," said, holding very high function of radish. Modern nutrition studies and coming from  , radish nutrient-rich, containing glucose, sucrose, fructose, fibre, vitamin c and minerals and small amounts of crude protein, containing a variety of amino acids, often feed can increase the body's immunity, even fine on cancer   cell growth inhibition therefore have in recent years been incorporated into cancer-fighting recipes.

     during the holiday season and ultimately meat and greasy food and eat more, diseases of the digestive system naturally seek to come, most common is bloating, loss of appetite, constipation, etc. Then buy extra crisp and juicy carrots, shredded, mixed with the right amount of vinegar and sugar, sweet and refreshing, both solution greasy, and remove heat from the body, helps digestion.

     need to be reminded of is that due to radish cold, spleen-Yin or cold Constitution should not eat. In addition, duodenal ulcer, gastric ulcer and chronic gastritis patients avoid eating radish. Given the broken gas line gas effect of turnip and, therefore, are taking Chinese medicines, particularly ginseng, Astragalus, Qi-invigorating drug people, not while eating carrots, so as not to "mend a broken white busy."

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