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Home is where love and marriage the best

Love is the Foundation of marriage, marriage is the sublimation of love, and the family is best place for love and marriage.

     whether you are rich, still poor, family is your most warm and safe harbor, only best nurtured you, feeding your toddler youth, support your young, happy to warm your old age. Whether you are full of happiness or suffering poverty, can only rely on the only family, don't mind, don't care about only families, unconditionally accepts you.

     love is to speak of fate, is rare, but not impossible. We and a lot of people pass by every day, and truly love imprint, it will never change, only one person. Even if you can't go with him, but this one will always be in your heart, because true love is not justified.

     the love-based marriage is better, marriage by love is sweet, love is the life of the marriage for the former title. Because marriage lifted love to another realm, it sustains the courage to go on. But love to sustain a lasting marriage and family are unreliable. Because it will change with the change of time and space environment, lured outside force of modern society is very strong, especially for "cause" for men and women, lured not only stronger but also more outside, and when love changes, then marriage with change.

     since ancient times, maintaining the most reliable is the responsibility of marriage and family. Filial responsibility to their children, a husband and wife do the responsibility of husband and wife, when a person's parents to assume the responsibilities of parenthood. Only responsibility is the eternal, unchanging. When parents give birth to you non-native children who gave you when you gave birth to a child is born to give you the responsibility of parenthood. Actually it is as personal as the basic responsibility, the responsibility only makes conjugal duty and social responsibility. Therefore, marriage is the responsibility of the family, if the family members are responsible, all restraint and should fulfil their responsibility, then the marriage is a happy one, the family is happy, and this love is good and real.

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