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Teach you how to manage your happy marriage

Happy marriage life is not a God-given, but on business. Many women at the time of their marriage all his charm, not only failed to achieve expected results, instead of its inverse. Here is guidance on 6 small tricks, as long as you run through the daily life, can help you get a happy marriage.

1, in the rain or the cold of night, as husband burned a nice dinner, then the lights in the House are open, waiting for the late husband home. Men are often in such situations, can experience the warmth of home. If her husband worked late, don't bother him, to give him a quick dry water Cup with water, or do something late-night snacks, my husband he will feel very warm.

2, if the husband is tired, fell asleep on the couch, wife had to do was make quiet, best not to wake her husband, or barks at the children, called, and so on. If you can bring a blanket to cover him, and it was very romantic.

3, do not quarrel in divorce, to be language-focused, businesslike. If you are wrong, after the fight, he died with a straight face, took him as a child, coax coax.

4, if you are a full-time wife, and when he stepped into the House when I saw you, give him a smile. This will make him feel like a hard day is worth it.

5, must get along well with her husband's friends, colleagues. If the husband's friend, be sure to dress up if her husband's friends have a woman or a child, preferably husband without knowing the case, prepare some small gift will allow a husband to face light. This highly effective!

6, if her husband ill, you can be a little bit exaggerating, for example, often use hands to touch her husband's brow, give her husband pressed quilts, brought her husband hot, frequently does not matter, at work, to care for her husband, but don't call the best texting.

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