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Marriage is not a free game

Since ancient times, been a lot of people talk about love story. Terms of Liang Shanbo and Zhu Yingtai, the Cowherd and the girl Weaver to Liang Sicheng and Lin Huiyin, with Qian xuesen, the highly acclaimed "days would like to make pair of lovebirds, and to grow together on the Earth, two branches of one tree" to "yidaijiankuan does not regret the end, Haggard to eliminate the Iraqi people", are telling the love overwhelming charm.

love, in the course of our lives an easy position, it's like a mysterious magnetic fields attracting millions of people so crazy for women and men in the world. Love is a kind of spiritual power and emotional food and even a Holy belief. Love is a mystery, but desirable, many people in the pursuit of love, willing to put up with all kinds of hardships and pain, even life for so long.

the fruit of love is sweet, and it is not easy. Blessed is he who selflessly sacrifices more, have more, love is selfless dedication.

Chairman Mao once said: marriage is immoral and marriage without love, love is not to marry for the purpose of bullying. Marriage, a simple point is, meet the right people at the right time and with the man and wife. Marriage is more than a marriage certificate, it also contained liability. In a marriage, you are responsible not only for their own, are responsible for your other half, more responsible for your love, because marriage is not a free game, you have the obligation and responsibility to your marriage.

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