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Married women easily into three errors

Harder being a woman, married life is more difficult for women, married life is an unpredictable state. Is very easy to accidentally walked into error, so tell us about easy today into the misunderstanding, let women prevent it, here is the woman of the three misunderstandings in China.

error: marry him, not to marry him

many women encounter this kind of problem: knowing his family's love, but did not pay attention to, that married him, not his family, hence the origin of the House and I have no idea.

this view seems quite reasonable, but, you know, a person's life is always take him traces of growth, habit is one of the family unconscious habits of a lifetime. He formed habits are difficult to change in your life.

 , marry a person, not marry him, but the growth trajectory of marrying him and all his.


        myth: he loves me, spoil me, will accept my modification after marriage

different environmental conditions, different ways of thinking and different living habits of two people living together, contradictions inevitably because many of the details. Although these are trivial things, but they are often the most consumed marriages of tolerance. Meanwhile, insist on the details, reflecting his ideas stubbornly.

some female friends do not understand this, but take a variety of approaches to reform husband, men and women began to play, became a battlefield without smoke, in the end, women often had no alternative but to lose out.

at this time, the woman knows, if you want to change a man, it would be difficult for the stars thing! futile reconstruction, women understand men accept transformation, and love has nothing to do with his life and habits. So, marry him, be sure to know where he comes from. To appreciate the vision from his body into his background, his family background. From there, you can see him now in the marriage and the development of future tense.

       myth three: married, husbands should belong to our family

to be clear, you is not your private property, he not only belong to your family also belonged to his parents, family and friends. Therefore, his heart is bound to give them some money. Not only that, but you love with him extends to them.

therefore, when you fall in love with a man, and when you want to marry him, you have to be prepared, you don't just marry him, you are worthy of his lifestyle and family and social background get married. To be clear, you are dealing with this man is not an individual, but his family environment and social interaction behind that group of people.

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