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Mother-in-law games: get along with her mother-in-law and daughter-in-law

The family house is a three-bedroom, large enough, son before getting married, has pledged that will not start all over again, some wives to take home. But when you want to get married, shuffle forward, want to buy new homes have two world outside. Although a bit reluctant, but I'm not stick and his wife antique, will let them alone.

    son just got married during that time, though not living together, but the son and daughter-in-law still comes home every day to eat, meal and then to go back to their home.

daughter-in-law is an Elf girl, mouth, sweet, no matter what I do she will boast beautifully, said, "MOM's cooking delicious, no how I'm calling kitchen, how does such a color, aroma and taste of food!" Daughter-in-law of sweetener, coaxed North could not find me, willing to a person as busy as a bee in the kitchen.

kitchen window to the balcony, this wife probably didn't notice. One day I was in the kitchen cooking, she calls on the balcony, which few words lightly in my ear: "mother here to scrounge, cooking, busy and tired, dinner and have to clean up the kitchen, please die! come here to eat, without anything to do, eat it......"

I could not help but stop--it sounds awkward? maybe I'm into it when her mother-in-law Cook free? but not using these words to her care. However, can't get smart with her to continue to "lazy" is!

      from that day on, while I did the dishes, will raise a voice called out: "wife, didn't you say you want to learn to be a sweet and sour Spareribs? give me hand, watch what I do, and also do a try next time!" In fact, I know, she often says that he wants to learn to Cook, not really learning. However, she said, I'll make it and put her down. Next time, I can ask her to cook "practice".

after dinner before, she was going to wash the dishes, I combined her formal said: "no, no, I have to. "Now, nor does she ask me I and her polite:" OK, finish cooking I'm tired, wash the dishes you! "

I no longer take her guests entertained, I will make her do whatever chores – not that I don't, but do not want her to develop "eating the old" habits.

after several days, the wife may know "there is no free dinner" here can't eat light does not work anymore, so she slowly began to go to the street for buying vegetables learn to cook.

this "contradiction", because more tactfully, you also didn't hurt and the family still live in harmony. I think, my son and his wife may not be aware, our daughter-in-law had played in the dark.

one day, my son and daughter-in-law suddenly wants to move here. I felt strange: "live well on the outside, how all of a sudden want to move back?" Son scratched his head sheepishly, I do not know how to say this, was also daughter-in-law clever, nice way of putting it: "didn't know any better, except that two world, now we have parents, only to find that parenting is not easy! just wanted to come back to spend more time with MOM and Dad!"

awakened people to the term, I looked at the wife's belly, could not help but laugh--his wife is going to have a few days. She moved away or live, to confinement when she and my son Berk how could comfortably come?

I said, "OK, you just moved it! confinement should also easy to care!" Hear what I said, his wife knows I see through her charade, could not help but blushed and said: "thank you, MOM!" I think she's saying "thank you" should be real.

wife in confinement when I take care of her like taking care of their daughter, moves her delicious meals. Because of confinement of women to avoid cold water, so that not only their children's diapers, even the wife's clothes I wash the inside and outside.

     smart wife character, but it's not ungrateful people, everything I do, she should be grateful and know some psychological comfort to me at the right time. When her child in her arms, always with the child says, "you see her do so much for you, grew up to be filial Grandma!"

daughter-in-law had just finished sitting out when I was a bit lazy, in addition to feeding her child, among other things, for example, give the kids a bath, changing diapers, she refused to do, saying: "I can't, I'm afraid injured clumsy child!" At this time I will be very firmly said: "you are not I can teach you, teach you learned so far. ”

is probably my strong, his wife had to like learning to cook and learn slowly with bathing, dressing, changing diapers for children; learning how to judge a child's cry is hungry still ails; learn baby poop is normal ... ... Watch her finally in Smarty Pants when a mother, I let out a sigh.

when the wife went back to work after maternity leave, I offered to take her child. But at night she has to be responsible for myself. In fact, I'm not unwilling to help, just don't want her to use my grandson's favor, should bear all the responsibility on himself to me.

whether it's helping or the patient, need to have a degree. Inclusive will be spoiled each other, of course, cannot blindly attack, just want to get the upper hand, so will other desperate, hurt feelings, just embarrassing his son. This was a game between the mother-in-law and daughter-in-law?

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