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Wedding planning in advance, only prepared battle

Scheduled or planned. "Do not fight unprepared battles, fight no battle. "  Important part of the wedding is a wedding, preferably one month in advance starting location plan everything beforehand.

     before the wedding ceremony, attendants assist with distributing candy, cigarettes, and return excess time guests, two waiters at the wedding ceremony begins before Wedding Hall doors closed, waiting at the door, after ceremonies opening the Wedding March slowly when opening the door, the new admission;  

     token Exchange Etiquette: new exchange token of marriage ceremonies, headed by a mat with red mat towel tray for waiters keepsake goes, wedlock ceremony: new jiaobeijiu ceremony, consisting of a mat with red mat towel tray for waiters to two cups of jiaobeijiu present; wait aside, once you finish the new jiaobeijiu takes the empty glass back. Cake-cutting ceremony: new at the cake-cutting ceremony, by a waiter lit the two cold fireworks on cake, then slowly introduce cake, the couple after they cut the cake after cake aside.

     for each invited guest may bring temporary guest, based on experience, should increase the standard arrangement of a table for every 10~20 people. Tables need only pay a small service fee, as long as you don't opened do not have to pay. Wedding location audio must be at a predetermined time to give it a try. Now some fashionable young people start to try a buffet reception, very casual, the atmosphere is relatively easy, but it is worth noting is that even should also arrange fixed-seat buffet, especially the main table to prevent the situation out of control.   Many hotels or restaurants have rooms specially prepared for the wedding, this room is decorated in a reddish, suitable for Chinese people's aesthetic habits.  

     should be based on the number of plans to invite guests to book a modest room, room height is too low, particularly in large rooms. Strengthening safety awareness, remind guests to keep an eye on carry-on bags of clothes, concerned there is no suspicious people entering and leaving the restaurant.  

     end of the wedding, the bride and groom must both stand on the door, and the guests shook hands goodbye and say "thank you", "take care" it. So all the guests leave, the couple and their parents into a new house with "guest" represents the bride's parents explained a few sentences be sure to top up the Sun "and go home."

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