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Biggest loser teaches Bridal, clear more beautiful

Biggest loser teaches Bridal, bride you styling variety, make your styling but effectively rise to the level of a more beautiful, so please see below up to the bride makeup step, want to do beautiful bride you remember Oh.

bride makeup steps:

complete basic maintenance, in accordance with the standard process by putting on makeup for makeup.

Foundation chapter:

     Foundation, hair, lips, mouth, neck, nose angle should be uniform wipe. Foundation color slightly lighter than the skin, but not too white, to Pink is better.

     face modified: dark Foundation with a cosmetic face, face to the width of the bride, dark powder paste can be applied on both sides of the cheek, face more elderly people could focus on the applied to the forehead and Chin.

     defective modification: wipe light Foundation in dark circles can deepen the brightness of the face and the forehead, making features more solid. For spots, scars, nose shadows are carefully decorated. When you want to conceal dark circles, or dark spots, first gently with a cover spot cream to cover, again with a powder puff.

     powder: powder lightly before a thin coat applied, transparent powder, gently push a layer, make the Foundation more fixed. Loose powder you can choose better transparency to make the face look brighter.

     eyebrows: draw a soft natural eyebrow and eyebrow brush can also brush a little eye shadow powder with similar hair color.


local article on the face:


     eye retouching: eyelids showed no or a single pair can be modified with adhesive.

     eye shadow: uniform brush with festive eye shadows, soft and icing. Eye shadow can choose a festive color such as pink, purple, blue, skin black bride to use orange, Golden, Brown facial features look more downy.

eyeliner: paint eyeliner, eyeliner emphasizes eye contact again. Bride when the painted eye shadow, eyeliner strokes after the first, to make the eyeshadow easy makeup and more sense of depth, available liquid eyeliner to draw it again.

eyelashes: clip curling, brush up, and then put on natural false eyelashes, make eyes in three dimensions. After you draw the eyebrows, with purple, blue, coffee color mascara brush lightly on brows, will make brows look more lively.

     nose: the match face shape, smooth, natural, cubic symmetry effect.

     lips: according to the bride's skin, lip, and white, the choice of red, rose. Colour black or mouth is not for light colored lipstick, lip pencil lip, apply lipstick, and finally a layer of gloss lip balm, make the lips look beautiful drips.

     cheeks: brush on a little blush and powder modified face, making the bride look softer and festivity. Blush is drawn down the cheekbones, face the elderly, to draw in the nose; face shorter, to draw on her lips.

     nails: a layer of nail polish to protect the oil first, color choices with natural elegance and principle tie in with the overall bridal makeup color.

     perfect bridal makeup process, such as anything else, to steal, get good also good messages to the people around them, placed it in his face, and that is to bring happiness to others.

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