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Men are reluctant to close eight women

A woman, Miss hair temper

Miss hair temper at every turn, only your anger, but despite the jealous boyfriend not to stand. This type of woman, before marriage and men in order to catch up with you, be patient. But after marriage, still are surly, for their man without love, give him a wink at every turn. One day, this man will run away from you, and someone.

Second, the woman does not love dress up

women need to dress up packages before their marriage, marriage is more need to dress up. Especially women entered menopause. Middle-aged women usually comes the emotional crisis. An important reason is that man too his wife face Po. Men are too easy to find out three. So women always have to pay attention to their image and don't need to be dressed to the nines, but need to be beautiful, always exudes the kind woman, so that your man is not easy to change.

third, tied not to live man stomach women

men don't like the lazy slovenly woman. Women can be beautiful, it cannot help but love. Before marriage, women may be part of the Act, is not completely out of nature, marriage, released in full nature. Clothes for a few days did not help husband wash, the food does not help my husband get ready for, say his own busy, no time to do it yourself. Over time, men may feel that there is no warmth at all. Saying good, way to a man's heart, first through his stomach.

four woman, too strong

powerful women, men are not easy to endure. After the wedding, will want more men than women do, earn more than women. Prefer a woman strong woman. But strong women lack of feminine, men around. Or she can earn money for the family and not have to rely on her husband. In this way, men feel in front of a woman can't find the feeling of confidence.

five, unable or unwilling to reproductive woman

as a woman's basic abilities are lost, your marriage happy? families without children happy? star now married and soon had children, because children are part of the family. Mei Lanfang's wife, Wang Minghua, sterilization is doing after surgery, their feelings change. In order to back and marry another. Although the community has entered into a new era, but children remain important for a family.

six, the bread and love women who want to have both

such a man of empathy, headache, just imagine, which man can keep up? if she is not married into the wealthy, married a man, men can stand her? a man emotionally spent, perhaps make a lot of money man who can make a lot of money, is bound to be emotional neglect of women.

seven woman, skeptical over

check nothing the husband phones, text messages, nothing happens, no matter when and where you feel free to call her husband. Skeptical to others especially women, which man can bear it? even if your husband is not empathetic, you're crazy, and you're divorced.

eight, morals not uneducated woman

this woman followed her husband hard at a young age, at some stage, may have become a rich man. Men with money, probably a plus of culture, and his years of hard wife more and more estranged, communicate less and less. Men communicate with his female Secretary than to communicate with his wife.

but if this woman I know are willing to learn, to improve their spiritual, and reaches a height of her husband. Empathy will decrease the chances of a man. But if there were no appeals to his good looks, and can not in communion with each other, sooner or later, he will look at other women.

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