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What seven words "destroy" a woman's life

(A) "not a bad man, woman without love"

women are masochistic? actually, women just don't like the stiff, awkward, no fun guys. In contrast, the "bad" guy interesting. But this "bad" should have special meaning, is the kind of old-style movie actress loves turning, special stamp at the actor's head: "you are really bad!"

real bad man is very scary, smart women will soon sniff out odors, escape in a timely manner. And that fake bad, commonly known as the "cool" men will soon become a woman's "Oh". And now the "bad" men OUT, and Leo Ku "nice guy" image of popularity as evidence.

(b) "men like beautiful Bimbo"

Princess Diana, to please the Prince, slim figure, eat things and then started vomiting, vomiting disease of grow and become unstoppable. For this, Charles is not grateful, on the contrary, he recalled: "my honeymoon full of vomit smell. "When Charles divorce Diana, Diana measurements are 35-28-35 (inch), beauty experts called the" Devil's gold ", a perfect figure of abandoned women.

(c) "men shouldn't make women cry"

man is not the Savior, women are not clay. In love, tolerance and understanding should be; but unlimited, absolute requirement is unreasonable. Only the "equality" between man and man can produce healthy, deep love. Men and women who will have their own temperament and habits, and each has advantages and disadvantages. Friction is inevitable, once the friction occurs, should be adjusted is between man and woman and not a man of patience and commitment.

woman's feelings than fragile man, man woman to get a man to fully take into account the woman's thoughts, Balzac is just a metaphor: "gorillas seem to play the violin. "A little friction, flowing tears, angry words to say nothing.

Besides, women sentimental tears for a woman is a little emotional catharsis, and comfortable. A woman does not cry for love, that would upset her. A lot of women prepared a paper towel every day of waiting to see the deep rain knew tears for a woman is a kind of entertainment, is her volatile poetry, enjoy the ways of love.

(d) "not for ever, but ownership"

third parties often became the third person to say so, but then most crying to "forever". Self-deception, what's the point. Possessiveness of love is our unavoidable instinct when you attack when you are busy preparing for the shells until love grows older, you think defensively when you long for the security of "the siege".

another scenario would be afraid of the responsibility, agreed in advance, just now, not to mention the future. A friend of mine, her ex-boyfriend she can't stand the most is always clear, "we may not get married in the future", "if I have to pester him as" friend finally annoyed, even the "once" is not. Her ex-boyfriend in this stimulating, I suddenly felt her, to marry him. And she was never looked back.

(e) "together for not understanding"

"separate because of the understanding" this "motto" seem to have circulated for a long time, theory is "generated from the United States", the so-called far see a flower, looking nearly a mission.

so this kind of love marriage guidance also rise, said spouses in a marriage to maintain a sense of mystery, don't often reveal their naked before each other. A friend of mine was recently divorced, his ex-wife must abide by this dogma, she was in the shower, certainly can't go in there, if we are not careful, she'll scream, a towel covered case of rogue. Friend's comment was: "do you need? her body where I have not seen?"

of course, psychological understanding will lead to boredom and is said to be leaving. However, I would like to ask:  knowing a person does something so easy? just a few years time, you'll learn a very different specific to you and bored with her? in the Temple of Delphi's motto: "know yourself. "Lessons learned through the ages, man it's hard know, understand a specific it so easy?

in contrast, only based on the understanding of love is deep and enduring. Know each other constantly in the process of understanding yourself, pleasure than orgasm so intense, but it must be deeper, more dramatic.

(f) "we broke up because:  means-"

fate is a Buddhist concept, is very difficult, and is a kind of patronising cause. Now love, actually mean very little, which means that among the thousands of people how to meet you. Meet bosom friend in love, is too easily, unfortunately, too many irresistible factors led us to separate, it is the fate of the ending, it's not our fault, it is fate's fault.

seemingly modern people to reason, and old people person's eight cyclical characters is no different. Pain of love, love cannot be implemented smoothly, does not reflect on their cause, to push blame fate, saying fate elusive, it's like children being tripped, not saying she is not careful, but to play stool, calling it out of the way.

in modern society, love, marriage, and law. In addition to rare circumstances such as illness and evil disaster, failure of love and marriage are generally associated with both their own personal reasons. If it is a character, habits and don't get, in the case of irrevocable, rational is also a way to break up; if lack of maturity of mind, lack of love of art, it should hurry up, bad love is there for a reason, to find out the real cause is the right way, not complaining, pleading pressure of destiny and fate.

(g) "find someone who loves you, forget the one you love"

in this sentence, people who love you and you love is certainly not alone. "People willing to love you", is quite particular about affordable, accepts only, do not pay. Only people who haven't heard about the split life will be happy. Moreover, the business looks to be full of love, profit is greater than the cost, even. Instead, love itself, love than to be loved more blessed. Psychologist Erich Fromm said in his famous book, the art of love: "good love is first ' to ' instead of ' ' because ' ' than ' get ' happier ' gave ' is not sacrificed, but that the ' rich ' and ' energy '. "Just as a poor pathetic, not only because he was poor, but also because he was deprived of his" to "capability.

love without being loved is sad enough, but you also go into this sad man who loved you, is it not too selfish, too cruel to do? ' when in College, some students had their bike stolen, steal a car someone else's car to compensate, the results were stolen and many more. It's sad, "Domino", because the first went down, all of them fell.

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