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Married women feel longer feel tired

Many married women may be worth exploring and pondering the question is, why do married very lonely? This issue should be the man responsible for it? If men did not understand that this is a serious issue, we should do?

to listen married housewife most poignant discovery.

find a: the lies of his commitment is moving, but he is not willing to change a little bit.

holding this views of women, marriage General are in "n years of itch" of State in the, modern of marriage of itch has three years period, and five years period, and seven years period and 11 years period of said, (is unfortunately, are is married annual of odd year, quite part odd year are is high-risk period, and even year is into cooperation period), from essentially said, modern of marriage are in itch of early and itch have long of dilemma in the, three years, is wedding Burnout period; five years, is birth conflict period; seven years, birth Hou Burnout period; 11 years, Complete suspension ... ...

to tell you the truth, at this stage they have not loved enough and stimulating will make them miss is that man married personally vow before marriage, "in fact, he does not want to change a little bit" behind the complaint, is "he doesn't love me" bone sad conclusion.

when Zhang Yifei again raised such doubts her husband was enraged, he asked: "do you have changed a little bit for me? "Zhang Yifei lift has many example to proved she has made has huge of sacrifice: she wants to do Dink of, and he of family people are like children, so she health has son; she bear has married Qian without bear of many housework, including to floor waxing and the in floor Qian lawn Shang species tree, she is responsible for care he door of relatives, including hospitality he Beijing seeking of Uncle in they lived has two months......

"these change are not I forced you made of," Zhang Yifei husband rebuttal said, to children is 32 age yihou you himself of maternity has has awakening, think has children of life is full of life; bear housework is because you itself is perfect doctrine who, any a nanny do family, you are think than you thoughtful; between of relatives was can live in home not far of guest house in, but you think so, the pen expenditure necessary by we to burden...... Philip smiled, how her husband spoke rebuttal, she ignored it?

these "unfair", had been tossing and turning in her long, make her feel angry, and alone. How he began to think that these are the details? Yifei's husband then asked, "you accuse me of not willing to make sacrifices and changes, specifically, I would like to know where are you not satisfied with me? "Yi Fei almost blurted out," this requires me to talk about? You have no emotion? ”

but thought since is dialogue, on must pay patience, will one by one refers to out: husband morning sex refused to bathing; in sofa Shang and son with eat with potato tablets Hou, not clean potato tablets of debris; husband I not every day wash head but three days only wash once, she has on he said times, she hate Siamese pillow Shang of pomade breath, also has he repeatedly forget has on time to make phone fee, led to she of phone in key moments was downtime......

"is the problem? Which is the substantive issues? Is unforgivable? "How could she say to him on the sofa and found ants, and mobile phone were stopped one thing is more annoying? Instead, he blames her: If these little things, you let me change, I'm willing to accept supervision. Yes, the birth of a good husband, needed a woman patiently help, like a child's growth takes patience to help.

the essence of man is unconscious, it is no different with the children; he's all the formation of conscious behavior, needs a wife takes plenty of patience, not empty functions.

women's code of conduct is: used to "details for the sake of my" enlarged "love don't love me", while men do not think so, he said, "as long as the key moment with you together, this is what love is." The huge differences in this way of thinking, but also lead women to believe that "marriage is boring", "marriage is also very lonely," one of the important factors.

analysis and advice: you can change him, if you have enough determination and patience! Change requires clear goals, men are memory, do not try to change his habits of several. Come, spend an average of three months to change his "bad habits", is a more conservative approach. Is in the process of change in trying to praise his efforts as much as possible, to be a know "appreciation education" smart wives.

b: have sex, but the lack of true soul blend.

a man, a couple of exchanges should be "doing nothing at all", they feel if all the skills take you into orgasm, have more than thousands of words, can be naturally reached a tacit understanding the mind of the flesh.

they talk to women on the bed in the Office leaning tracks, telling mother-in-law, sisters-in-law relationship difficulties, telling on erotic film "betrayal and lies" topic view, and even about marriage in the next "five-year plan" what objectives should be achieved, men can be just as surprising, he would think women would be enough input and attention, "why is she one and all dual-use? "" I also could not make her forget all the troubles in this world? ”

these thoughts make men feel frustrated, how often he had to attempt to be faster and better to block a woman's mind and talk, at the same time, discussion and questioning of the woman, he'll take a perfunctory attitude. For example, "you are really innocent, erotic films business, you as an audience, is the investor interest on the part of writers is also Hu plot relish, really childish. "Men's skill, is named after a flower Willow posture, core brushed aside the woman asked. For example, he knew movie plot is to ask "what do you think of betrayal and lies? You'll be the hero of the betrayal and lies? "He was" childish "and" naïve "brief evaluation words.

men do not want to tell the truth, but at least not in the sex drive. Structure of the male and female brain is slightly different, unique brain sulci and Gyri of men decided to do two them during sex, during sex, he is the leader, control the direction, intensity and rhythm, at this stage, he did not wish to be disturbed. Women, men in bed is not telling the truth, not her in deep solitude is what?

including sex web sites and books related to mislead women: don't put real exchange on the subject of sex and after, because strong and should not be part of the man, his whole body and mind are sleepy at this stage, this stage is difficult to carry out exchange of words and the mind. In other words, the so-called sex expert unintentionally encouraging sex trip workshop, because, "five more minutes he was fast asleep, only you with full questions grounded in the moonlight. "Is that really the case? Today's "King" married man, knows that "after no play was no act," the last play is not necessarily an act of caressing, more likely to be reflected in further communication.

the more successful man, the more likely there is Walnut as hard inside closed and barriers to sex, blew open the heart one of the most powerful weapon. Many married women find husbands in 10 minutes after sex became talkative and frank, this is an important signal should take advantage of men "diukuixiejia" period of time, trying to learn more about him.

analysis and advice: don't have sex in the course of discussions with profound problems, if you do not want to be a perfunctory answer! Keep the issue, and he relaxed completely and then ask those who line up or line down the problem! Remember not to talk about all the time in bed is not a pleasant topic, if you are arguing in the bed, and even earlier have the feeling no longer exists, then it is likely that this Exchange shortcut will soon unilaterally blocked by men.

often with some topics that can make both parties feel happy as his reward, such as explore holiday programmes and subsidies for programmes and parents presents programmes on both sides; for his promotion of the road out of ideas, and so on. Keep this in mind: as long as you are used to in bed in a light way, men can accept occasionally comes out of a heavy and sharp topics.

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