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Most hold "chest" playing sexy actress

The old saying goes, beauty in everyone. People can accept your imperfections, but cannot accept your deception, beauty is a good thing, but under the guise of beauty fool the masses that means "ethical" there are some flaws. For entertainment, actress, has a perfect body is good, but forged the results themselves in order to us was this loss that the credit crisis, here we come and count entertainment fake breast was exposed for embarrassing top ten actresses.

When Li Xiaolu debut, fresh and pleasant, Yang Xiaoyun in a struggle is like, when Li Xiaolu build flat chest there is not much material. But people still love her simple, but since the beginning of relationship with Jerry, Li Xiaolu chest rubbing against the edge of full marriage ceremony in his own friend Xuan Dong, burst milk Pack is media that is caused by breast, and by her own admission is a special bra and clothing set off, fake chest was exposed, was embarrassed by her.

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