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Not a marriage in order to marry, why what you are married?

We should not marry in order to get married, married what do you think when you are married, although not say marriage is the fruit of love is the most pure, but getting married is a big life, if we think your marriage knot right? Bad reasons to get married you are married you, and here you have made a mistake?

1th wrong reasons-to settle for marriage married married.

2nd bad reasons to get married--in order to run away from home.   This is the girls generally wrong. To get away from the unhappy home, or to escape from control, freedom, girls often marry will take to achieve the goal. In fact, it is a fantasy-style fake independence. Married only by a fire pit to jump blindly into a fire pit. Flying out of their home, think marriage is changing a way of life, new life, is just a childish dream.

3rd bad reasons to get married – to serve children.   You'll be surprised, even though contraception so convenient, so the old story often remains very high. Although slightly different versions of the new age, when men marry women stress, while the other side is just a stallion, she dares to do single mothers, but it is old wine in a new bottle. But want to hold up a person's mind, he was caught.

4th bad reasons to get married--in order to defy their parents ' orders.   No one can deny the magic of love, but whether parents think that their children are too young, still think that their choice of lover is not appropriate, can cause strong reverse psychology. Especially with rebellious character parties, tend to be more in order to fight against. However, to remind you of is that it may be to rebel against their parents claim the most dangerous at worst.

5th bad reasons to get married – married husband, finding a rich man.   Jinshan to support women, who can say that is bad? The money, though money for money, but others may not be the best yet!

6th bad reasons to get married – for he is handsome, big and handsome.   Beautiful everyone loved, the invincible power of beauty. In addition to beauty, and other essential conditions are lacking, but became a great tragedy, and forget the appearance of a high depreciation rate, Oh!

7th bad reasons to get married--for sex.   Believe it or not, men are more likely to be victims. Men are often not married in the eyes of most love, but with the woman who went to bed to hold them.

8th wrong reasons to get married--because of my loneliness.   Modern man fearless, afraid of loneliness. Men and women just because of loneliness and struggle on. Would rather fight battles, the feel is better than alone.

9th bad reasons to get married-the search for security.   Sense of this thing, in addition to their own, others are not. Think about it, willing to give you on the shoulder, and unwilling, what can you do?

10th bad reasons to get married--out of the singles.   Many women still don't believe marriage and marriage can be a mature choice. Biological clock's urging, social pressure, fear factors such as maternal age, one may be to break the single and married. The most absurd is, as one woman told me, even if married, divorce in a week, is married to once is not available.

the 11th error of reason – want to be bride.   Too exaggerated, right? However, there are many such ridiculous woman, marriage as a program. Banquet in the makeup, take pictures, not only fun, but also round the bride's dream.

12th bad reasons to get married – love to be married.   In fact, love doesn't have to be married. Modern life has many opportunities for love, just like beads, each one has its own completeness and elegance.

     the above error, whether it's because you made an error and walked into the Palace of marriage, married people cherish, make errors a beautiful mistake. Let this mistake be happy like a wrong, and you want to get married without marriage is going to consider.


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