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With 400 couples married for the big occasion

The peak period of Spring Festival before and after the new marriage registration. The Lunar, marriage registration office in Lianjiang City Civil Affairs Bureau, the new line of marriage.

        the morning, reporters saw at the Civil Affairs Bureau in Lianjiang city, lining up in long queues at the entrance of the marriage registry, staff told reporters that seven is the first working day after the Lunar New Year holiday earlier this year, in order to do a marriage registration, marriage registries have extra manpower to staff without a rest at noon, overtime for the young men and women to register services. Reporters interviewed a pair of would-be couples of lovers, "we were working in Guangzhou, came to discuss marriage today, good luck.! "The young man said happily.

        reporter, day day has more than 400 youth marriage registration, Lianjiang, new cluster registered the most important reason is the Spring Festival in the field youth home during the Spring Festival of the Chinese new year, the two sides have met each other's parents and ask for their approval at the time and place for couples to create good conditions for marriage.


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