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Why I am so sad, where is my happiness?

God, I was fat is guilty? Why is love so far away from me, more than 20 years I am still single every lover is ever on my own, I desire to love, wish I could be like ordinary people have their love and happiness, is why I was so miserable, because I'm fat? Asked myself I'm not a lazy person. Work diligently are taking care of everything, but God gave me a chubby body, I want to be a slim girl, but what reduction reduction won't go down.

    maybe this is a problem because of genetic factors, so I wear a fat girl fame walking on campus. But that time is not bad for College, the reason may be because the character is good, popular OK, is everyone happy.

    starts from the finding a job after graduation, the nightmare came. Then there's blind date, because the figure. Frustrated.

    to date this pass, I was repeatedly defeated, mother has something for me to worry, I knew that I was an ugly duckling, but did not expect it to be so smug.   Colleague sister will comfort me, say if I better figure, was perfect for a girl.   I am also trying to lose weight, but how hard? I hate to say if, if it is a hypothesis, it represented impossible?

reality I have to believe that this society is a lookist society, Nice is a woman's best capital. High requirements on the appearance of the employing unit, choose a wife by that say? I think there will always be a man inside, but several dating experience let me eliminate this kind of idea. Sometimes I can't help but think that, now this society, charming person, physically flawed individuals in this society is so difficult to do.


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