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On the issue of criteria for selecting the bridesmaids

Married and how little the bridesmaid, this Dragon to be next, I believe many more people will choose to get married this year, and the role of bridesmaid and ultimately, when choosing a maid, what do we need to pay attention to? What are your selection criteria, in the past, many people choose the bridesmaids this role off ideas.

1, the height of the standard

bride and bridesmaid's height not height difference is too big. Height may be slightly higher or slightly lower than the new, high or very low is not a good choice, because the figure is too high or too low, they stood on the stage with the knot brides competing for eyeballs.

2, size standard

groomsmen bridesmaid of shape don't and new shape difference greatly. weight Super big or super small, also will attract guest of attention. especially Super fat of groomsmen bridesmaid, they in stage Shang continuous stands 40--50 minutes, often is sweat, sweating on need wipe, often they a sweat, a has action, on will caused guest goodwill of laughter, such will on is for of wedding ceremony atmosphere has interference.

3, standard

bridesmaid dress colors, not too bright, too loud compared also let visitors and newcomers, will be the dazzling dominate. General principle is to highlight the married couple. Married couple is willing to add unity to their bridesmaids dresses, dress uniform appropriately. Support but need the money. In September, after the wedding, the bridesmaids wear cashmere sweaters with skirts are good choices.

4, standard

bridesmaids to select from, it should be the married couple's best friends, how they behave, should reflect the cultural qualities of the married couple. So, when new people choose groomsmen bridesmaids, take note of this problem. Because of the wedding day, wedding couple many of the things they need to take care of their life, behave, to reflect the level of married couple. And those friends after drinking buddy is willing to do anything, or arrange for them to drink the best.

5, beautiful or not is no standard

some newcomers, particularly the bride, tend to be afraid of the maid of honor is so beautiful cover yourself, it's a bit redundant. From another perspective, we can think, your wedding, bridesmaids are very beautiful, will make all guests to remember your wedding. In particular those men can't help become more involved in your wedding, their active participation will make your wedding even more fun, you have such a beautiful bridesmaid friend will let you become the focus of wedding highlights. However, I think after the wedding ceremony, your phone bill increases. but it can also make you a broader social circle.  


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