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Go through four stages required for a happy marriage

World-renowned motivator and Zig Ziglar, once on the plane, found men sitting next to him the wedding ring worn on the index finger of his right hand, Zig Ziglar kind reminding each other: "Sir, does wear your wedding ring on the wrong finger?" Didn't think sitting next to the man's answer was: "I know, I did it on purpose, because I was wrong. ”

     "love is not a moment of heart have, but the two together, brick by brick to create the world, it takes time, more effort. "This is a master of Psychology liaobashikali said.

already married couples, would understand that a happy life requires two people together to create, it will be a long process.


1. the honeymoon:

This is standard "beholder", as long as two people together, it doesn't matter what, at this stage is like blindfolding in love, full of fantasy excitement and anticipation, a mysterious and fascinating power tightly tie together lovers.

2. the period of confusion:

just like the song "wake up", from the passion awake in the honeymoon period, often couples that come with disappointment, and loss of the relationship.

"he (she) and I know people don't like?" Or "Oh my God! how can I in front of the person?" …… Many questions come to mind. Romance fades, other shortcomings emerged one by one, so a lot of people, "transformation of partner" this difficult and often futile "huge project".

   3. the power struggle:

"why the hell would I do that?", "I did it for you, so listen to me!", "why should I change, should you change just right!". During this period both at the stage of emotional instability, "might as well break up well" the idea began to emerge, is filled with disputes and confrontation. Thus, some couples cold alienation; there are always quarrelling with each other; some onto someone out; others simply go their separate ways.

4. commitment and acceptance:

in I Advisory case in, most moved of not those smooth always peaceable of partner (Frank said this lucky of partner also almost little), on like poetry by cloud "without a cold biting, Yan have plum tangy incense", despite body by difficult, but Dang we willing to upgrade himself of intelligent and patience, began adjustment and accepted other and himself of differences, so by get of this a copies love of gift does can let people enjoy life, this is most was moved of.

psychologist Yun En said: "the development of life, and includes the individual's physical and mental development, career development, and emotional development. "Love and marriage is not all of life, but a good, solid relationship does have a bonus effect, make our life more dynamic but also more meaningful.

Editor: love and marriage do not carry a warranty. Want to have wealth, you must work hard; want to have healthy, we must focus on health; you want to have a happy marriage, and must expend effort and time, after all, true love is like a diamond, requiring thought, will be more bright and resplendent.


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