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Wedding scene must be prepared three priorities, as well as details of

Wedding venue preparations usually have three priorities, namely entry reception, banquet, Bridal room. These three places, reception personnel should take care, keep in close contact with each other, day of the wedding can be foolproof. Especially bridal room is to pay special attention, because the newcomers who will be wearing a lot of gold ornaments in the day, often when they are in a noisy, take down lost jewelry.

conditions that may occur when the following General wedding, some way, available to inexperienced newcomers making advance preparations.

signature of deployment is important in General gifts are usually about four people, two of them receive cash gifts the two write-back card. If the dinner table exceeds more than 20 tables, it is best to increase the number of signatures, lest guests crowds pouring in, causing guests both gathered signatures, receive gifts not only chaos, pictures of gifts also will be running around in circles.

reception staff to the best selection and the groom and the bride's family and friends were familiar with the candidates, such as the friend of the bridegroom, the bride's friends to contact people, relatives of the bride and groom's relatives, contacts, contact person, etc. Make friends and relatives to attend a wedding of a door can be greeting and seating arrangements, without danger of ice.

   determine the size of the wedding, to be calculated a month ago so it's not or withdraw temporary increase table table, resulting in crowded or too empty wedding occasions. Now that more and more couples choose to marry at the Grand Hotel, so that whenever the holidays or when the almanac on the Zodiac, hotels are full and prices were higher. Therefore, it might be wedding civil marriage with simple but solemn; while the wedding is held in ordinary days, best,  booked a table easier, and also in price cheaper.

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