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Men have an affair, wife at home what

Old woman, husband is God, remember the four virtues, and men are not subject to any binding down, until today, the man forced a woman has an affair, if you come back that his affair, a wife will you do in future marriage life, what do you do?

     many cases women can only be suffering silently, all turns around the men and family after marriage, excessive presence of "the understanding wife and loving mother". While the men are daring to focus on career, outside of the pretty in pink friend how to look more attractive than their wives. Too seriously, and men wanted to control a man's woman, virtually hysterical mood brings other great pressure, so he fled to another emotional circle, this is often a man's compensation acts.

so, in this case women how to face her husband's extramarital affairs and his return?

     cognitive-affective and sexual love is flowing. If a woman knows "renegade and adjustments" for marriage, whether heavy or light, will not fall into the "marriage = commitment + loyalty" of monadic logic. Tolerance, he also gives you space, so you can calmly look at hubby "desertion", without any psychological difficult to balance, or as a great shame to himself.

     regardless of who is having an affair, give couples the opportunity to seriously examine what went wrong in the marriage of the two issues. Because the affair is definitely not intentional, but that State of emotional need another supplement, that is exactly what the other party neglected or is insufficient, this can try to resize the model, rather than cycle geothermal heat or the cold war. Thus became the turning point of the crisis, and became life naturally possible.

     women never to years of emotional attachment, or to sacrifice their children out, get yourself a bunch of reasons not to leave the marriage, rather than sincere. To know in what position yourself in marriage, that is, with constant man, you shouldn't put the woman in "tasteless but wasteful" State of dragging its feet. If you want the marriage, on the admission of an affair back man, otherwise, it can be smart to leave, to find their own realm.


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