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Women, even if not married will also have to find a reason

There is the same for women, doesn't want to get married have to find their own reasons, have to find a reason to cheat ourselves, perhaps for them, it would have been better off.

reason: fear of an affair

from newspapers to radio, from television to the Internet, extramarital affair, mistress, lover's words can be seen everywhere. Although this does not explain all the married men, but to say the least, this phenomenon has, like the nine-year compulsory education universal, from the leadership to the masses. Although marriage can give love a safe "grave", relax, get mediocre, until the old, but it is, after all, a siege, if surrounded by people in the town will not be strong, will be lured and deceived by those flowers outside the city.

smuggling, emotional infidelity, far more devastating than the pure desire. It is a love, represents love transfer and disappear, representing themselves will be shown the door, but once love is slamming them to the ground and stepped on a few feet. All the beautiful vows all the lies, all the good all turned into damage.


reason two: can love forever

has said that marriage is the grave, visible shadow of marriage to some people there would be multiple, but love is good, good enough to be unforgettable, those beautiful vows while some impossible to achieve, but we don't have to go, because if you love not only married, promise?

have to think about those people, you only need to put a heart completely into the arms of love, and to love, to hate, to cry, to laugh. All the happiness or sadness, are engraved in the heart, because it is the feeling of love, not erasing by mediocrity.

reason three: enjoy free, free

like the free life, even very late getting home, don't cower to leave by phone, still have to make up some grand reason, is called a white lie.

like one wild life, unscrupulous lie, messy room, forget shopping. One day, happy, free, free, free bundle. Even the dust can print their footprints on the floor, no one called your lazy, anything out of the House like a bad thief, nobody cursed fool of yourself cooking the sugar for salt or some people call themselves good.


reason four: fear of housework and the ways

married, with his family, you can't eat fast food and instant noodles. Is she in the kitchen I think scary place, three meals a day and even oranges have a knife and a knife, a spade a shovel of FRY. To wash the dishes to wash the dishes, clean the room. Wearing an apron in the hearth of every day life, make her difficult to imagine.

married people, relatives and friends will be twice the number of times or even more. Weddings, holiday greetings, in return, they receive it, she can't do it. Which sentence is bad, would offend the elders. Any wives, cousins, seven of eight sister, which she can't remember.

reason five: don't want children

a man of the world, is quiet and comfortable. Two people in the world, is balanced, romantic. If you have children, the responsibility of marriage, most of the increase.  Because the child is pure ignorance, needs you to teach, to lead, it will be a very huge project, vast enough to directly affect the life of life, including personality, habits, way of life, quality of life, and so on, the responsibility is too great.

If it is a boy, he later learns, do not study hard, fight with people, Internet, and misguided. If the girl, afraid of her character, too weak, out of bullying.

Moreover, from birth to babble, and then to adulthood, this is virtually impossible to imagine the process of care. Not worked, suck this literal meaning can be interpreted.


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