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Three steps to the beauty around you and you are willing to hand the naked wedding

Of course, guys, don't just complain that women love money, life, is also a girl willing to naked marriage, to endure hardship, the key is, men in love and marriage, what kind of approach to business.

recently, the hit series of the naked wedding to show you a social butterfly, was willing to talk to him by Belle naked wedding new era "the Pocket man"-Lewis!

nude marriage is a problem, especially was three generations living under one roof of naked marriage, mother-in-law, daughter-in-law, plus one mother-in-law, a drama of three women, men clearly understand how cuisine, this requires skill, need work more exquisite skills:

first: the way to spend a little money

Lewis loved Tong, the fact that there is no question that! but Tong nice lovely, loves her man and certainly not Lewis, big rich and numerous. She'd rather naked marriage than not marry LAU. This is the clever way of Lewis – will spend money.

Lewis is an ordinary office worker, limited income, from a limited income   love   tune arrangements for his love life, Zhou Tong all week surprise! the man, TV women wanted to get marry him! women are not totally reject naked marriage, but we should look at who the naked wedding. Women from a man I am not willing to pay him enough for her to love her. Investment in marriage is a woman's life, and love is the marriage of a man investments, remember that a truth: the man is willing to pay more when love, at the time of marriage, tend to spend less!

the second measure: different "women" with different tricks

three generations and daughter-in-law live together under one roof, trouble! Lewis was able to use "minor to my grandma Johnson" and "FIB to his mother", "the wife pouring honey" way to break one by one. Many men mother wife issue, are based on "single line" solutions, as its name suggests, mother and wife adopted a uniform policy or conciliation, or resistance, the results against two women.

so, when a man in dealing with internal conflicts of the family must not be lazy, people need concrete specific programmes. Because woman most cannot endure of is himself most love of men on she with on other woman as, regardless of MOM also is wife! if gift buy as of, good said as of, will let they Zhijian each other comparisons and competition, with of and to of trouble more big! so on wife on MOM, must highlight tricks Shang of differences sex! a began although fee points trouble, but this is is can let home woman Zhijian contradictions quickly flameout of best approach!

the third move: promising future wife dead set

Lewis a between poor boy, can married to Tong, is big degree Shang to thanks to he mouth Shang Kung Fu get! life in the, many men deep love but not expression, Lewis of "love better Qian" always hanging in mouth, also constantly of for wife promised future, "difficult is temporarily of, future must let you live Shang big villa" "must good honor you dad mom,, I died of when, honor you dad mom of money must can they in five ring side Shang buy Suite"......

seems those words a little a little empty, for the marriage of a woman of confidence, but it is a shot of the strongest stimulants! this is what married women willing to bare the most important cause!

woman's life, the most important is always the marriage. Will be the success of marriage as a woman is the greatest success. Actually, a lot of girls, marriage is not afraid to bare, but fear of fuel soaked in romance and love in the face of poor have nowhere to live.

a man can not worthy, but be sure to give you confidence in the love of a woman. Women can suffer poverty, but it must be: the man loved her, and make her torment!


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