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Naked wedding, just because life is nearly driven

After the us, with no family financial support, entirely on two people struggle, and balanced on both sides of the family's burden, given the circumstances, we want to be together, the only naked wedding.

   when I first went to College, we both were classmates, are from rural areas, many common topics, slowly developed into   couples.   Prior to this had been looking for a good partner in all conditions, at least not let yourself get too hard, but after I met him, but never the idea, together with him, I feel very happy.

 8 years, we met 8 years, love for nearly 7 years, think yourself very ~ ~

  We a is Hunan people, a is Guangxi people, geographical of limit didn't can block we of love, hard of life also didn't can block we in with of determination, we with through has that paragraph hard of years, now of we more see has life of hope, because brother has married, brother are also has graduated, we can relief of established we of small Wo has. So we decided now naked marriage, wait until later to earn money, I was hoping to host a romantic wedding.


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