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Lost how many people wait, how much love lost to homecoming


Leslie said to Anita Mui, waiting for us to 40 years old, you are not married, I'm not married, we got together.

but then, on April 1, 03, he falls dead, she died on December 30 and pulmonary failure.

that year, she was 40 years old.


San Mao and Jose are separated for six years, snow, thousands of city and desert.

six years later, Mao returned to Madrid.

Jose clasped behind her, San Mao asked him: "now, if I told you I want to marry you, is it too late? ”

Jose in tears and looked at her: "it isn't too late. ”


song Dandan took four affair and married three times.

first five years time giving away everything.

her first marriage, she kept Indah.

her second marriage, she calls the most satisfying life, but still came to the end.

third marriage, when she is no longer young and impulsive.

she said, "just want a hug, accidentally with a kiss, and then you discover that you need a bed, a place, a card ... ... Divorce, to think: you just want a hug. ”


39 Chang Hui-mei, still holds several trophies before the Flash placed nice pose.

she is the Amite, she was on fire.

three years of "sister love" fell apart that day, she put her hat down, his eyes Pan-Chao.

in 07, she sings if you choked up when they heard no suspense.

lyrics: "stumbling to understand a lot, waiting for my man you one".

she is single now, she loves men have been waiting for her to marry him.


ten years ago, Wu assisted by, Jay Chou Jolin Tsai and affinity.

04 "week when love" pushed out to a new peak of Jolin Tsai in front of the camera body when stretch thin voice "had no relationship with Jay."

she sang his cry of the rewind to sob, she sings, "and you always see too late," he "when I finally came to understand".

last year, he invited her to do the concert guests, singing "can you give me a song of the time", she holding his face.

she waited for him, much more than a song now.

now ... He can only be passed to her ...


2000 ye met Xie na, three years later, two men holding hands high-sounding.

he had promised her: "marry sheenah said today, I would marry her tomorrow. ”

but six years later, married Liu ye, Xie na crying all night, the bride is not her.

I don't have to wait for you, just waiting for you, I can't wait for someone else.

for 11 years, is the forgotten.


06 o SA and Ronald Cheng married in Los Angeles, not many people know.

SA o 10 divorce and Cheng in Hong Kong, everyone knows.

she was ten years old he was at the press conference with her red eyes.

this year, he said in an interview, do not contact again with her.


Martha LEONG wrote of the joy said: "you are the Angel on my shoulder, I'm most upset when, with your warm, broad wings of hold me tight. "This is his love song to her.

later, however, fish LEONG singing "you write to me, my first song, you and me, ten fingers, write the prelude, but it then."

on February 2, 2010, 31, fish LEONG's wedding wearing a beautiful wedding in the Philippines Boracay beach wedding. Her heels fall on the horizon in the evening sun and groom kissing.

the groom, not Martha.


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