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Naked wedding, I yearn for the Aegean sea tour

83 I immediately ran for three. Rush married one by one when home phones, full of sad

I am a single parent of a child, age 6, and grandparents life

I envy other people can go shopping, or parents ' meeting

and my father has to support me and my brother, working outside, new year see a year

growing up, and always wanted to have a home.

the money to his brother in order to continue to focus on high school, I read in College for two years, would have been out of work

has been working for 8 years now, in the last year managed to deposit tens of thousands of, but because the grandfather's illness, used up all

and marriage thing has also been dragged without ban (country superstitions, had died a year before wedding)

I eventually had to retain him, failed to finish in his lifetime to hold great-grandson hope

think about it, I was very

and now my girlfriend has been talked about for three years, I have been trying to, she could see in the eyes

no matter how much her family objected, she is confirmed to me, follow me

so I hope that the application is successful, give her a surprise

let her family know, naked marriage can be happy

she likes to watch if you are the one, and often envious of others to Aegean sea tour

and I am also a longing for the sea, sand, shells, sea breeze hills children

so this activity is just blinding me

I don't have any culture write eloquent words

I sincerely hope very much to have such an opportunity

as our marriage even if naked marriage, also has the most beautiful memories and significance


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