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The four women before marriage advice

There is a group of women, they are young and beautiful, received good quality higher education. They go on the road, rate is extremely high. They are likened to the "Angel" because it seems that God made man, and all his love to them.

but close to their heart, but found most of them more emotionally lonely, although there are many men who pay for them, but they remain convinced that a true Prince charming came, they lament that true love is hard to find, and helpless in youth, with flying feet.

for such women, emotional experts have some advice you really ought to read:

one was married to a man who is not present, or your expectations about marriage?

a related survey, single women, accounted for 65% College of education level, seem more knowledgeable women, the more difficult doors to marriage. This reminds us of a writer: hearts rich people than poor people can feel the soul the pain of life, this sentence can say: women for marriage expectations too high, can better detect the imperfection of marriage, so the more resisted marriage?

Second, if you was to "the Qiong Yao's play" as the representative of the influence of romantic love?

a generation of women, most of them grew up reading her novel, but a long time ago, there was a call for: a dialectic view of Qiong Yao's love, love pure and beautiful place, but at the same time, the reality of love is not otherworldly, it requires us to learn to accept the flaws and imperfections, learn to understand love in marriage after the inevitable adjustment.

always striving for "the love in the distance" of women, we need to be reminded of is that ideal is not a pipe dream, you need to correctly understand the relationship between the ideal and the reality, a better grasp of the happiness of life.

third, did you proponents of the single life?

This is an age of individuality, we no longer think that marriage is the only source of pleasure in life, community with many **, let us not rush into the siege, even if single, and can live very happy. But a survey shows that women "love" single reason is still "the man that made me want to marry did not appear".

four, do you have a different gamophobia?

big star zhuliya·luoboci is said to be typical of gamophobia, but in reality, media-made sad, broken marriages for women married helped. For those who heard a lot of tragedy and fear of married women, our advice is: media creators need to rely on sensational stories to attract readers ' attention, but in reality, not all marriages are bloody or whine, and light is the theme of life.

in short, reasons not to marry is countless, but you want to take a chance on happiness needs your efforts. Although necessarily now, marry in haste often endless, although single understandable, but happy marriage depends on everyone's feelings into account maturity. In short, we do not to marry or not marry on the success or failure, and you feel happy for the purpose.


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